About Jeremy

Since moving to Baltimore in 2009, Jeremy has come to love the city, the people, and the opportunities that surround him every day.  Although he is a professional musician by trade, he has an equal passion for fitness and endurance. When he is not performing classical guitar, teaching music lessons, or composing new pieces of music, you can probably find him running the streets of Baltimore or the trails at Patapsco State Park. An avid trail and ultra-runner, Jeremy regularly completes races that range from 50 kilometers to 100 miles – and he loves every minute of the experience. In addition to long hours on the trails, Jeremy also takes speed work seriously and co-leads a track workout every Tuesday morning to help others find the burst they need to reach their race-day goals.

Jeremy’s approach to cycling reflects his running habits as he makes sure to work in long, hard hills and quick anaerobic intervals to give your legs a balanced workout. His class is the perfect workout whether you are a runner seeking low-impact cross training, or just anybody looking to develop stronger legs and a tighter butt. And, with a doctorate in music, you can expect Jeremy to be playing some funky tracks during class; some of which you may have never heard before!