Sabrina JT



About Sabrina JT

Sabrina is a Baltimore girl with a passport and a personality that both refuse to stay in the corner. She is fiercely independent, highly intelligent, and unlikely to listen to authority. She is tons of fun for all ages. By day, she is a Trial Attorney, breaking through glass ceilings and over-performing her under-estimators with ease. In the afternoons, she is a Group Fitness Instructor, teaching Spinning, Zumba, Boot Camp, Cardioboxing, and Step Aerobics to the Baltimore community since 2003. At night, she is a seasoned Event Planner with a thriving happy hour and social event club. On the weekends, she is the Captain of her coed rec league football team and the Executive Producer of her YouTube channel. And on vacation, she is an amateur international food and drink Connoisseur, taking her talents and taste buds to as many continents as will have her. She loves being an auntie/tia, drinking mojitos, cooking, Fantasy football, fitness, all 4 of her alma maters, country music, latin dance, boy bands, 90’s hip-hop, bicycles, and telling stories to make people laugh. She can talk to anyone about anything.¬†For a small fee, she will write your online dating bio for you. She glistens when she spins and she sings along to every song on her Spin playlist. And when you come to her class, you will sing and sweat too!